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SoundBalming with LaMarr Darnell Shields

Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields

About SoundBalming with LaMarr D. Shields: Inviting you into his basement Balm shelter once weekly for emergency relief from the rays of negative reinforcement bombarding us throughout our daily living experiences, LaMarr D. Shields drops balms made up of inspiration, information, uplift, and edutainment on shelter dwellers in the form of amazing stories about innovative individuals--artists, activists, social entrepreneurs, social impact practitioners, educators, soldiers of our civic systems, everyday people/courageous everyday doers--committed to creating positive progressive social change in our world today, often doing so via unique, unusual, and surprisingly unexpected methods and approaches.Hosted by the Baltimore based and Chi-town south side raised, Dr. LaMarr Darnell Shields, SoundBalming brings its listeners social change ideas through audio lectures, audio interviews and roundtable discussions. With the intention to help you rise and thrive, Dr. Shields chronicles the journeys of his special guests creating their own paths, enlightening and illuminating the way forward for you on your own special road to restoration, healing, progressive change and positive action.

Recent Episodes

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